The transport tarpaulin specialist.

Bache de camion

The transport tarpaulin specialist

Economy, security, visibility, Transport is at the centre of complex economic issues. For over 40 years, with the help of Carriers and Coachbuilders, the research and expertise of the BHD group has made it possible to patent modern transport safety and protection technologies and anticipate its evolution.

Truck tarpaulin

Specially designed tarpaulins for road transport.
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Tarpaulin for rail transport

Tarpaulins meeting the constraints of rail transport.
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For 80 years, Reynaud Cauvin-Yvose has put all his energy and all his skills into the development of technical textile solutions that contribute to the protection and safety of people and goods.


RCY is a subsidiary of the BHD group. The BHD group is a network of 23 subsidiaries in France, the leading manufacturer of technical textile protection. The group designs and manufactures all the tarpaulins for textile architecture, industry, aerospace and defence, sports outdoor recreation, agriculture, civil defence etc. in its workshops in France.

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