Flexible tank.

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Flexible tank manufacturer

Flexible tanks are an easy, quick and affordable solution for storing all types of liquids (rain water, chemicals, etc.) without a building permit or engineering. They are developed by the RCY design office in collaboration with environmental professionals to meet the needs of industry, public works and civil engineering companies, communities, fire brigades and individuals for capacities ranging from 0.5 to 600 m3

Our range of flexible tanks

Whatever your needs, you will find your flexible tank at RCY, a specialist manufacturer for 80 years.

Fire fighting flexible tank

Discover our three fire fighting flexible tanks systems approved by the fire brigade for fire control.
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Domestic rainwater tank

Low volume, easy to install flexible rainwater recovery tanks for domestic use.
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Large volume rainwater tank

Widely acclaimed in recent years, the flexible tanks for rainwater storage have become essential for all industrial or agricultural buildings.
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Flexible tanks for potable water

These flexible tanks for potable water meet French health standards for drinking water.
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Export storage tank

Flexible tanks for potable water intended for export meeting the health standards of the country concerned.
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Storage tank for the polluted water

Flexible tanks for polluted water, chemicals, oils, etc. for temporary or permanent use.
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Storage tank for sewage sludge

Flexible tanks designed to store dirty water from urban or industrial discharges.
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Fuel storage tank

These flexible tanks for fuels allow you to store most hydrocarbons.
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Tank for chemicals

Flexible tanks for the storage of a large number of chemicals without risk of evaporation and contamination
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Portable flexible tanks

Portable tanks are designed to be placed on trailers or skips.
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Heliportable flexible tanks

The heliportable or ballast flexible tanks are designed to be raised in a net.
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Flexible fertiliser tanks

Ideal for storing liquid fertilisers, these tanks are made of a prestressed coated fabric with high-tenacity reinforcement.
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Flexible agricultural effluents tanks

An affordable solution for storing agricultural effluents. These tanks are made of a high-tenacity prestressed coated fabric.
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Open flexible water recovery tank

Open flexible tanks are ideal when you don’t have much space to store rainwater or when access to water is difficult.
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Open tank for chemicals

Open tanks for polluted water are ideal for recovering oil or polluted water in the event of leakage or accident.
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Bacs de retention souples et citerne souple

Also learn about our retention basins

Retention basins are installed either for prevention or for the recovery of all types of liquids (water, chemicals, etc.)

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For 80 years, Reynaud Cauvin-Yvose has put all his energy and all his skills into the development of technical textile solutions that contribute to the protection and safety of people and goods.


RCY is a subsidiary of the BHD group. The BHD group is a network of 23 subsidiaries in France, the leading manufacturer of technical textile protection. The group designs and manufactures all the tarpaulins for textile architecture, industry, aerospace and defence, sports outdoor recreation, agriculture, civil defence etc. in its workshops in France.

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